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We are Paul and Nichole Kelland, owner of Emmers, located in the small town of Medina, Ohio.  Our TICA registered cattery was founded in 2014.  Nichole has always loved Scottish Folds but didn't get her first one until March 2013.  Before then our home was always open to rescues and special needs kitties needing a loving home.  We currently share our home with a couple rescue cats along with our Scottish Folds and Straights.


As a responsible breeder all of our cats are tested PKD negative through a DNA test performed at UC Davis in California.  We also routinely screen for HCM (while this doesn't guarantee against problems, we do feel it to be a good indicator) with a board certified cardiologist in Akron, Ohio.  


Some of our thoughts

As of May 2014, TICA recognized Scottish Straights as a champion breed meaning they can now be shown. We feel that breeders should be out there showing their breeding cats while they can.  There are some cats who don't like showing, but if a breeder is only showing one or two of their cats but breeding several others this raises questions in our mind.  As RESPONSIBLE breeders we should be out promoting our breed, educating people about them and most importantly using the best cats to better the breed (the best cats are going to be your show cats in our opinion).

We are asked why we don't let our kittens going to their forever homes until they are 16 weeks of age because people want to experience kittenhood and bond with their new family member.  There are several reasons we do this, first off for your kittens immune system.  Maternal antibodies are weaning off between 8-16 weeks and each kitten is different.  By keeping them in our home until they are 16 weeks they will have had all their vaccines so their immune system will be stronger.  Another reason is because of socialization skills.  Kittens develop their best socialization skills between 8-12 weeks of age and we want to make sure your kitten is well socialized with not only people but also with other cats (kittens don't naturally know how to play this is a learned behavior that they develop during the socialization period).  Also, we don't believe in weaning kittens at 6 weeks of age.  Scottish Folds and Straights tend to develop slower so if they want to nurse, and mom is willing to allow them to, until they are 12 weeks of age we are good with that.  Before they go home all kittens will be eating a variety of food so they adjust into your home with little digestion upset.

Henry left us in February 2020 at the age of 14.  Henry helped raise several kittens and taught them how to be kind and gentle.  He has left a big hole in our hearts

A little about our thoughts on vaccinations


We believe that vaccinations have been great help in getting rid of or reducing certain diseases.  We also believe that vaccines are given to often creating other problems that could be avoided.  We give our kittens a RCP (vaccinates for herpes (feline viral rhinotracheitis), calici and panleukopena) at 8 wks, 11 wks and then again at 15-16 weeks of age when the maternal antibodies have decreased to a low enough level that the kittens body can respond to the vaccine. Your kitten will receive a 1 year rabies vaccination around 13 weeks of age by our veterinarian.  We do not give or recommend the Felv (feline leukemia vaccine) or  FIP vaccine-giving these vaccines will void any health guarantee.  I do recommend you have your vet booster the FVRCP when your kitten is 16 months old.  As for Rabies since it is not a core vaccine and your city/state may not require it by law talk to your veterinarian.  I DO NOT recommend yearly vaccinations after the 16 month booster.  If you and your veterinarian feel your cat is at a higher risk due to living arrangements (multi cat household, etc) then vaccinate every 3 years but never yearly.

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You are a wonderful, loving Cat Mama, I could not be any more satisfied with your professionalism, thoroughness and dedication to provide such exemplary care.  Please keep it up as your making owning these beauties such a lovely experience

~Mary, Coco's Mom

Working with Emmers Scottish Folds and Straights has been THE single best experience I've had while acquiring a new furry family member.  We picked out Wilson when he was 5 weeks old and from that moment on we started receiving detailed updates on our little guy as he progressed through 16 weeks.  Not only is Nichole an invariable plethora of cat knowledge, but she has always gladly stopped to answer my questions regarding everything from diet to vaccine recommendations.  One of our favorite perks were the very regular stream of (amazing) pictures Nichole provided, which really made the waiting easier.  Now that we're home, Wilson continues to impress us with his adorable personality and with how easily he has adjusted to his new environment.  We can't thank Emmers Cattery enough for the gift they've given us.  We're looking forward to starting this process all over again when it's time to add a brother or sister!

~Susan, Wilson's Mom