Retired Cats

Many people have asked us if we will rehome our breeding cats once they retire but so far the answer has been no.  I'm not saying that we won't ever rehome a retired breeding cat but as of now our retired breeding cats have all stayed to be spoiled rotten loving pets.  

RW QGC Owhl Walk All

Over You of Emmers

As you can see by the one of the pictures below Lilly is the family clown.  She is a goofy little kitty who is always doing something to make us smile.  Lilly retired after her third litter.  She gave us a total of 11 beautiful babies including RW SGC Emmers Love To Hate Me, Kelly, one of our queens.



2014-2015 Best Scottish Fold Kitten INTERNATIONALLY

2014-2015 Best Scottish Fold Kitten in Great Lakes Region

2015-2016 Regional Winner-24th Best Shorthair Cat in the Great Lakes Region

2015-2016 Quadruple Grand Champion Title

2015-2016 Best Scottish Fold in the Great Lakes Region

2015-2016 3rd Best Scottish Fold Internationally

QGCA Emmers
Love Me Some Me

Emmers Love Me Some Me aka Tulip was born into our cattery on July 5, 2015 (out of Thomas and Emma). As you may have guessed Tulip, "Tutu",  thinks the world belongs to her and everyone should be here to adore her (and I agree).  If you follow us on Facebook and Instagram you have probably seen Tutu in her many outfits and hats.  Tutu is a very smart kitty so to keep her active we have clicker trained her (this comes in handy when doing photo shoots).  Tutu loves to find ways to get into trouble.  She is the naughtiest cat we've ever had but she is also one of the most loving and kindest cats we've ever had.  Unfortunately we were never able to get Tutu bred.   


2015-2016 3rd Best Scottish Straight in the Great Lakes Region

2015-2016 4th Best Scottish Straight Internationally

2016-2017 Champion Title 

2016-2017 Bast Scottish Straight Champion in the Great Lakes Region

2016-2017 5th Best Scottish Straight Champion Internationally

2018-2019 Quadruple Grand Champion Alter Title

DGC Owhl Lady
Emma of Emmers

As you may have guess Emma is who our cattery is named after.  Emma was our very first breeding cat who produced a very lovely Scottish Straight litter with Thomas in 2015.  We altered Emma because she did have some trouble after she delivered her kittens and her health was more important to us then putting her through another pregnancy.  Its a good thing we did alter her when we did because unfortunately Emma was diagnosed with Osteochondrodysplasia in both shoulders.  Thankfully we are able to manage her condition so she can run and play with everyone. 



2013-2014 Best Scottish Fold Kitten in the Great Lakes Region

2014-2015 Double Grand Champion Title

2014-2015 Best Black Silver Classic Tabby/White Scottish Fold of the Year

2014-2015 Best Scottish Fold in the Great Lakes Region


GCH Tomas Maxelpoint of Emmers

Thomas was our first stud cat and we are so happy that we are able to let him be a loving and very spoiled pet in our home.  Thomas produced several awarding winning cats including RW SCG Emmers Love To Hate Me, Kelly, RW QGCA Emmers Kizzmet, RW QGCA Emmers Boris The Slav Defense and QGCA Emmers Love Me Some Me, Tutu.  If you visit a TICA show in the Great Lakes Region you will likely find a Thomas baby still showing



2014-2015 Champion Title

2014-2015 Best Silver Shaded Point/White Scottish Fold Straight of the Year

2014-2015 Best Scottish Straight in the Great Lakes Region

2015-2016 Grand Champion Title




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You are a wonderful, loving Cat Mama, I could not be any more satisfied with your professionalism, thoroughness and dedication to provide such exemplary care.  Please keep it up as your making owning these beauties such a lovely experience

~Mary, Coco's Mom

Working with Emmers Scottish Folds and Straights has been THE single best experience I've had while acquiring a new furry family member.  We picked out Wilson when he was 5 weeks old and from that moment on we started receiving detailed updates on our little guy as he progressed through 16 weeks.  Not only is Nichole an invariable plethora of cat knowledge, but she has always gladly stopped to answer my questions regarding everything from diet to vaccine recommendations.  One of our favorite perks were the very regular stream of (amazing) pictures Nichole provided, which really made the waiting easier.  Now that we're home, Wilson continues to impress us with his adorable personality and with how easily he has adjusted to his new environment.  We can't thank Emmers Cattery enough for the gift they've given us.  We're looking forward to starting this process all over again when it's time to add a brother or sister!

~Susan, Wilson's Mom