Sorry at this time we do not have any cats or kittens available.  

Watch our Facebook page for litter announcements

We DO NOT take a deposit in order for you to be placed on the waiting list, however, once you have been approved as a home by us and once you have picked out your kitten a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is required to hold your kitten.


All potential new owners will be required to fill out the inquiry form and go through a screening process (this will include veterinary references) so we can get to you know prospective families.  Not everyone is approved and we reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten.

Scottish Fold Kittens and Kitten Care


Our kittens are raised running around in our home.  Once the kittens are 6 weeks old they will be introduced to Henry and then shortly thereafter they will slowly meet the rest of our house cats.  We are strong supporters of minimal vaccinations; however, we also understand that our kittens may be going to homes with other cats so we want them to be protected as best as possible.  Kittens will receive a series of Purevax FVRCP around 8-9 wks, 11-12 wks, and 15-16 wks.  A 1 year Purevax Rabies will be given at 13 wks.  Once the kittens have been vaccinated we encourage you to come and meet your kitten.  Kittens are kept in our home until they are ready to go to their forever homes at around 16 weeks of age.  We understand that people want to be able to bond with their new family member as a kitten but don't worry you will still have plenty of bonding time even after 16 weeks of age.  The reason we do this is because it is best for your kitten's social development and their health (they will be vaccinated and eating on their own (some kittens will still nurse until they are 10-12 weeks and we need to make sure that they are adjusted to regular food before leaving)).  When your kitten is ready to go home you will have a kitten who has been properly socialized (main social behaviors are learned between 8-12 weeks of age) and who is healthy having been vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and spayed/neutered.  So all you have to do is spend time loving your new family member. We require that you establish your new kitten with your veterinarian within 5 days of bringing home (failure to do so voids all guarantees). We will not reimburse you for any veterinary medical costs you may incur.


We provide many different scratching surfaces for our kittens so when they go to their new home they have developed good scratching behaviors.  Our kittens are used to having their nails trimmed (we start trimming at 6 weeks of age doing one foot each day). If you are not experienced with trimming cat nails we will show you.


A word about declawing-it really shouldn't be referred to as a declaw because the procedure isn't just removing the claw it is amputating a bone, P3 (this is the bone at the tip of your finger).  Declawing is a very painful procedure no matter how it is done.  Cats who have been declawed may develop some very unwanted behaviors such as biting and litterbox issues.  Think about it, how would you feel walking around all day with part of your toes missing?


Our kittens are to be indoor only unless they are in a carrier or on a leash.  Cats that are allowed to roam free can have an increase risk of disease or trauma.  


Your kitten has been raised on a variety of food.  We believe the best diet for cats and kittens is a raw diet.  We have personally seen some amazing changes to medical conditions from just feeding a raw diet.  We understand that not everyone is comfortable with feeding raw so your kitten has also been fed a variety of rehydrated freeze-dried raw (Stella & Chewy's and Primal), canned food (TikiCat!, Fromm, Earthborn, Weruva Truluxe variety and Fussy Cat) and high quality dry food (Earthborn). We highly recommend feeding raw or canned food as your kittens main diet.  Dry kibble is very carbohydrate dense and very low moisture both of which can lead to problems in any cat in the future.  If you are interested in raw feeding please ask us any questions you may have.


 All of our kittens are guarenteed Felv/FIV negative, free of parasites and fungus.  They all come with a three year health guarantee against congential problems.  You will receive the complete medical history on your kitten from our vets and you will receive copies of the genetic test results on the parents.  Kittens can be registered with TICA and you will receive the necessary to do so. 

This page is updated regularly so please check back often.  You may also contact us to be put on a waiting list for a kitten.  


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You are a wonderful, loving Cat Mama, I could not be any more satisfied with your professionalism, thoroughness and dedication to provide such exemplary care.  Please keep it up as your making owning these beauties such a lovely experience

~Mary, Coco's Mom

Working with Emmers Scottish Folds and Straights has been THE single best experience I've had while acquiring a new furry family member.  We picked out Wilson when he was 5 weeks old and from that moment on we started receiving detailed updates on our little guy as he progressed through 16 weeks.  Not only is Nichole an invariable plethora of cat knowledge, but she has always gladly stopped to answer my questions regarding everything from diet to vaccine recommendations.  One of our favorite perks were the very regular stream of (amazing) pictures Nichole provided, which really made the waiting easier.  Now that we're home, Wilson continues to impress us with his adorable personality and with how easily he has adjusted to his new environment.  We can't thank Emmers Cattery enough for the gift they've given us.  We're looking forward to starting this process all over again when it's time to add a brother or sister!

~Susan, Wilson's Mom