Our boys are the foundation to our breeding program.  Like the girls, we don't believe in caging the boys.  While they don't have run of the house they do have their own room which has several things to climb on and play with.  They have a window to look out, cat trees to sleep in and plenty of toys.  We are working on making an interesting cat walk for them throughout the room to provide them with more entertainment.


All our sires are PKD negative through a DNA test performed at UC Davis and they go to a board certified cardiologist routinely to have their heart scanned for any signs of HCM (until there is a DNA test for HCM yearly screening is the best alternative.  This doesn't guarantee against HCM but it does let us know we don't currently have any problems)

IW SGC Shovalon Cupcake of Emmers

Shovalon Cupcake of Emmers is a Black Silver Classic Tabby with White Scottish Fold born 11/26/16.  He joins us from Shovalon Cattery in Russia.  He is a very sweet, loving fold who wants to be with his people.  



2017-2018 International Winner-8th Best Cat

2017-2018 3rd Best Cat in the US (Best Longhair Cat in US)

2017-2018 Regional Winner-BEST CAT in the Great Lakes Region

2017-2018 Best Scottish Fold Longhair Internationally and in the Great Lakes Region

2017-2018 Supreme Grand Champion Title

2017-2018 Best Scottish Fold Longhair Kitten in the Great Lakes Region


2017-2018 Grand Champion




Scottish Fold Longhair Silver Classic Ta
IW SCG Shovalon Cupcake of Emmers 8th Be